New York Pizza and Pasta 


New York Pizza and Pasta
New York Pizza and PastaNew York Pizza and Pasta
New York Pizza and Pasta
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New York Pizza and Pasta
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New York Pizza and Pasta
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New York Pizza and Pasta
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Pizza and Pasta's in Naples

In the heart of North Naples Florida is a Pizza Lover’s Dream.  Experience the homemade Italian cuisine in a cozy convenient North Naples neighborhood.  Discover the unexpected at New York Pizza Pasta and find an authentic taste of Italy right around the corner in one of Naples’ best restaurants.

Do you want to come and be a part of a restaurant that will treat you like a member of your family?  At New York Pizza & Pasta we want you to sit down and be given a fantastic meal with our home town touch.  You will taste the way pizza and pasta should be…..with fresh ingredients, the finest herbs and our recipes passed down from generations of fine Italian cooks.  We offer a generous mouth-watering menu designed to showcase fresh and exciting food at affordable prices with a friendly, casual atmosphere for the whole family.

Since our inception in 2011 we have grown our restaurant, just recently doing complete renovations to both our restaurant area and our lounge.  We have grown with our loyal customers who have spread the word about our restaurant that caters to families, couples, and singles.  Whether you would like to have a romantic dinner or join us for an evening of Jazz, Karaoke, Comedy and satellite sporting events, we have something to fit all of your needs while giving you the best food and service.  Our friendly family and staff will make you feel at home. 

We are excited for you to try our delicious pizzas and pastas made fresh every day.  We make our own dough every morning and receive fresh local ingredients every day into our kitchen.  We don’t believe in giving our customers sub-standard fare. Our food is prepared made-to-order just for you.   Our recipes have been passed down through generations from our Italian ancestors. We want your business from the time you walk into our restaurant and we believe once you try our food you will be back again and again.  We guarantee it!

New York Pizza and Pasta is our interpretation of the best we have come to know in the Italian culture of family where it is best and most often celebrated… the dinner table with our family.

Private Parties:
We have a great restaurant for private parties.  Since we have both a restaurant area and lounge area we cater to all ages and types of events.  Hold your wedding reception or your office holiday party with us to give your family and friend’s great food and atmosphere.

FREE delivery within a 10 mile radius!  What a great way to get our quality food while not even having to get dressed and go out.  Call us to deliver pizzas for the family or some pasta dishes for you and your loved one.  We deliver from open to close every day.

Pizza in Naples just does not get any better than this
New York Pizza and Pasta
New York Pizza and Pasta













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Pizza Naples FL
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